About Us

Where did it all begin ?

Back in 2012 Craig Evans was on holiday at Hamilton Island celebrating his 10 year wedding anniversary with his lovely wife. Whilst catching some sun rays,  spending some time at the pool bar and some quality time with the wife, a light bulb moment occurred.  When we look for a home loan we see a mortgage broker, when we look for health insurance we go to someone who compares what’s best for us, when we need electricity we go to someone who can provide us the best rate and service for what we need, what do we do for concrete ? We call one company, then another, then another, why not call one company for concrete ! This was the birth of Concrete Sales. With one phone call you are able to get concrete delivered when and where you need it all across Victoria.


Before the light bulb moment of Concrete Sales idea came to Craig, he applied for the senior coaching role at Essendon Football Club ( yes that is correct, the senior coaching position ) back when Matthew Knights was sacked in 2010. Essendon Football Club responded to Craig’s application for the top job and asked him to put together a presentation and forward it to the club. The presentation was forwarded to the football club, but no interview came about,  James Hird got the job. I am sure that looking back at things that have occurred at the Essendon Football Club since James Hird was appointed that they may have been better appointing Craig as the senior coach, the club may be in a lot better position.

Why we’re better than the competition

Concrete Sales has the largest concrete supply network in the Melbourne Metro, Mornington Peninsula and Geelong regions, rural and country areas are also available for concrete deliveries. We are able to supply concrete to anyone but we specialise in looking after “The Little Guys”. Our high levels of customer service along with discounted pricing make us your first choice for concrete supply.

There is no one else that has the coverage that we have,  with one phone call we can arrange concrete when and where you need it by calling 1300 266 278

We have industry experienced staff that know exactly what they are talking about when we answer your call. If you haven’t ordered concrete before our friendly staff are more than happy to give you helpful advice and assistance. We make the process of ordering concrete hassle free.

We are able to offer concrete at competitive prices which are normally only available for people who purchase large volumes of concrete, registered builders and those that are members of buying groups. Due to the large volumes that we buy we are able to pass on the savings to you the customer.

No membership fees and No minimum spend levels required.

We sell concrete at realistic prices.

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